NEWTON HALL WEDDING – Lotti and Alex

        Lotti and Alex were one of the most fun couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s not often I get serenaded by the bride singing ‘Blue Suade Shoes’ in amongst the sand dunes. Whenever I meet with couples prior to a wedding my biggest big of advice is no matter how stressed you get with planning on the day just relax any it. By that point there’s not a lot you can do when silly things don’t quite go to plan but you’ll never look back on your wedding in 20years and think “I wish I’d paid more attention to the details and had less fun!” Lotti and Alex did not need any such advice, they were all about doing their wedding their way and making the most of every moment. Amazing!

        Vendors included: Newton Hall, The Courtyard Dairy, Lunarrosecrystals, Moss Bros, Simply Flowers, Soden and Sons Band, Kelly Blick MUA, Penny Bridge Hair Styling

        January 19, 2020
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