ZANTE WEDDING – Claire and Sarmon

        When I first got into wedding photography I used to dream about getting the opportunity to shoot weddings abroad but 6 years later the truth is as amazing as they would be the logistics of me swanning off somewhere exotic leaving my other half to behind to single parent our 3year old means it’s probably not all that practical or profitable (though lets be honest I’d have a cracking time!) That being said whenever I get offered these opportunities I always look to see if we can turn it into a family holiday with my 2 best boys with me just working a day. Thankfully with the amazing Claire and Sarmon that was exactly the case with the added bonus of my sister, niece and parents (read free sitters) also tagging along.

        I’d been to Zante before and what a stunning island it is. The wedding was set in the Balcony Hotel on a cliff with the most stunning views of the coastline. Though never being one to just shoot the obvious I gently encouraged Claire and Sarmon to climb down explore some olive groves nearby and trek down a slightly less than stable staircase down to the rocky shore. Thankfully these 2 were game and the results couldn’t have been more worth it. What an amazing day!

        If you’re planning a destination wedding give me a call. I promise not to rock up with my whole family (they’ll just be around the corner)

        January 20, 2020
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